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Welcome To Websoftex Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd

At Websoftex Software Solutions, we specialize in developing a wide range of software products tailored to meet the specific needs of various industries. With our extensive expertise and commitment to innovation, we deliver high-quality products that empower businesses and organizations to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and achieve their goals. Explore our comprehensive product offerings below:

Banking Software:

Core Banking Software (CBS): Streamline banking operations with our robust and scalable Core Banking Software.

Co-operative Banking Software: Empower co-operative banks with our feature-rich software designed specifically for their unique requirements.

Nidhi Company Software: Simplify the management of Nidhi Companies with our comprehensive software solution.

Producer Company Software: Effectively manage producer companies with our software tailored to their specific needs.

Real Estate RD FD Software: Enable efficient management of real estate recurring deposits and fixed deposits with our specialized software.

Pigmy Software: Streamline pigmy collection operations with our user-friendly and efficient pigmy software.


MLM Software:

MLM Software: Manage and track your network marketing business effectively with our comprehensive MLM software.

Generation/Career Income Plan:Implement and automate generation-based and career-based income plans with our MLM software.

E-commerce with Repurchase Plan:Combine e-commerce capabilities with a repurchase plan using our MLM software.

MLM Software for Real Estate / Land Developers: Specifically designed for real estate and land developers, our MLM software caters to the unique requirements of the industry.

Finance Software:

NBFC Software: Empower Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) with our comprehensive software solution.

Microfinance Software: Streamline microfinance operations and manage SHGs and JLGs efficiently with our specialized software.

Loan Management Software:Simplify the management of loans and streamline the loan lifecycle with our efficient software.

Gold Loan Software: Effectively manage gold loans and related processes with our comprehensive software solution.

Auto / Vehicle Loan Software: Streamline auto and vehicle loan management with our feature-rich software.

Housing Loan Software: Enable efficient management of housing loans with our specialized software solution.

Mortgage / Girvi Loan: Simplify the management of mortgage and girvi loans with our comprehensive software.

MLM Software: Simplify the management of mortgage and girvi loans with our comprehensive software.

Hire Purchase Loan Software: Streamline hire purchase loan operations with our user-friendly software.

Chit Fund Software: Manage chit fund operations efficiently and effectively with our specialized software.

Chit Fund/Committee Software: Simplify committee operations and automate processes with our comprehensive software solution.

Kitty / Lucky Draw Software: Organize and manage kitty parties and lucky draws seamlessly with our software.

B2B / B2C Portal Software:

Mobile Recharge Software: Enable easy mobile recharge services with our user-friendly software.

Money Transfer Software: Streamline money transfer operations with our secure and efficient software solution.

AEPS Software: Facilitate Aadhar Enabled Payment System (AEPS) transactions with our reliable software.

BBPS Software: Simplify and automate Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS) operations with our comprehensive software.

Pancard Service Software: Provide Pancard services seamlessly with our feature-rich software.

MPOS Machine Software: Manage and track MPOS machine transactions efficiently with our specialized software.

Education Sector Software:

School Management: Simplify school administration and management with our comprehensive software solution.

College Management: Streamline college operations and administration with our user-friendly software.

Institute Management: Effectively manage institutes and educational organizations with our feature-rich software.

Online Question Management: Simplify question management and assessments with our efficient software solution.

E-Learning / Online Learning Mobile Apps / Websites: Create engaging e-learning platforms, mobile apps, and websites with our innovative software solutions.

Booking Software:

B2B and B2C Booking Portal: Enable seamless B2B and B2C booking services with our comprehensive portal software.

Taxi Booking: Streamline taxi booking operations and enhance customer experience with our efficient software.

Truck Booking: Simplify truck booking processes and optimize logistics operations with our specialized software.

Hotel Booking: Enable easy and efficient hotel booking services with our feature-rich software solution.

CRM Software:

Loan CRM: Effectively manage customer relationships and loan processes with our comprehensive CRM software.

Real Estate CRM: Streamline customer relationship management for the real estate industry with our specialized software.

Account Software:

Account Software: Simplify and automate accounting processes with our user-friendly and efficient account software.

Partner with us to leverage our industry-specific software products and empower your business with cutting-edge technology. Contact us today to explore how our products can transform your operations and drive success.

Social Responsibility

Kalavati Trust is a registered non-profit organization that was established by Websoftex Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. to give back to the society as Corporate social responsibility (CSR). The organization works for the betterment of the underprivileged and the neglected sectors of our society. Kalavati Seva Trust starts from early education from school which was set up by the trust in 2014.

To tackle the problem of unemployment among youth due to lack of opportunities, the trust is planning to set up vocational training to encourage self-employment. Apart from this trust educates rural women of banking methods, such as , how to use an ATM card and how to save money in banks.