Google Application Development !

What are Google Apps?

Google has provided a cloud computing service, Google Apps that features various reliable and secure web applications, similar to traditional office suites, in order to create several google products like word documents, spreadsheets and presentations collaboratively and access them from other enterprise applications using Google APIs. All the applications run on top using information directly from Google Apps and provide different user interface that fits each application. Google apps is reckoned as the best productivity tool for employees.

Why switch to Google Apps?

  • Wide range of cloud-based services catering for businesses of any size
  • Used by over 2 million firms and 25 million users who handle their e-mail, documents and other office tasks
  • Provides option to keep free account for the standard version or payment of $50 per year per user for the google apps premier edition
  • Centralized data storage which includes additional storage of 25GB (Premier edition) for GMail & IM
  • Data accessed through secure connections and stored redundantly
  • Allows to share documents and collaborate with others apart from getting file access from any computer anywhere
  • Best spam and virus filtering systems provided
  • Reduces IT budget, IT costs and achieve quicker operational improvements in google apps development
  • Inclusion of a reliable service, GMail with email, IM, voice & video chat
  • Avoid spam using google’s innovative spam filter technology

Benefits of Google Apps

  • Easy, efficient and useful business applications and cloud apps. Supports email, calendar, IM, voice and video chat providing connectivity and collaboration for businesses
  • Leverage google apps for overall IT costs reduction, user satisfaction, and cloud infrastructure benefits and achieves quicker operational improvements
  • Porting email accounts to GMail while preserving the existing website, and helps to prevent spam
  • Leverage google app engine to enable deep integrations and build innovative products for the google apps platform
  • Low training investment
  • Support of google as the main developer/hosting partner

How our expert services in google apps development can help you reduce cost and achieve higher operational efficiency?

  • Google apps integration, design, support, custom google apps development, training and consulting services
  • Deploying google apps and services into the existing web site
  • DNS configuration to web domain for google apps integration that includes sharing & security settings
  • Development of tools and applications in google apps integration services
  • Google apps suite migration including email, document & spreadsheets, calendar and porting services with advanced mail routingGoogle apps suite migration including email, document & spreadsheets, calendar and porting services with advanced mail routing
  • Google apps setup & provisioning
  • Google apps solutions development
  • MX records setup
  • Google apps / active directory integration and user management
  • Intranet/extranet creation for businesses with google apps functionalities