Administrator Panel

Admin registration ( Multiple Top ID creation)

Client View Registration(All customer login report with Excel)

Level members report( referral members).

Change upline (Sponsor Change option)

Settings (Member View profile, Edit Profile, Change password)

Search(User id,User name , Mobile No , Package, Date wise)

Franchise management ( Add franchise , view franchise)

E – Pin Management (Generate Pins , Assign Pins, Active Pins, De-active Pins)

E – pin reports ( Used Pins , Unused Pins, Assigned Pins , Deactivate Pins Report).

Reports(Level income, Growth income, Royalty income etc..)

Payout(daily/weekly/monthly as per your plan)

View Payout (closing wise statement, view details, Voucher, Paid status)

View Payout(closing wise statement, view details, Voucher, Paid status).

Payout In Excel for NEFT or Bank transfer

SMS Integration on payout

Id wise payout Status (Payment status of Member Id )

TDS Report(Tds deduction of member)

Total income Report .

E-Wallet Status (purchase E- Pin from member's balance, Withdraw, Top up )

Repurchase Management ( Create category, Create Product)

Gallery management( Create Album , Add photo, Edit/view photo, delete Photo)

News management ( Add news, Add Scroll news, view/edit news)

Achievers Management ( Add Achiever)

Awards Management( Eligible Award member Paid/Unpaid Status)

Promotion List (promotion wise member list)

Messages ( Compose , inbox , Sent items )