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Chit Fund news

The concept of Chit is very simple – With in a group Money is collected, pooled and dispersed to all members as loan. This practice is not new in human civilization but it gained official approval only decades back. We have a section of administration which is completely devoted to research and development. Chit Funds which basically started as a savings scheme, later evolved as a loan provider for deserving participants. Hence Chit Funds not only encouraged people to save money but also offer them a helping hand whenever they needed. The Chit Funds Act created in 1982 work in a more professional manner offering security to participants than unofficially run private chits. Chit Funds are considered as Micro finance organizations and are governed by the different State and Central Laws. Chit Funds are considered as safe means for savings as well as loans. People who invest in Chit Funds gain on a month on month basis in the form of loans as well as in the form of waivers. Chit Funds are of many types based on the functionality of the same. Some such chit funds types that are prevalent are :-

  • Organized Chit Funds
  • Special Purpose Funds
  • Online Chit Funds
Web & Mobile Based

Web & Mobile Based

Chit Fund software is a web based application for Chit Fund Companies. This software systemizes all the activities that are being carried out by the chits. As a whole this is efficient for all organization those organize chits.


User Friendly

Chit fund ERP software helps keep a track of the chits and makes report management easy. It is one of the simplest software dealing with chit fund amount transaction of financial organization.


Robust & secure

Websoftex chit fund software is equipped with full data security and features which speed up your work and reduce your operational time which directly helps you in concentrating on your marketing and customer management activities.


Cost Effective

Our software uses automation there by reducing manual work, time and Human power. Maintenance of software is easy, and resource consumed by the use of the software is less so which makes this software cost effective.

chitfund software overview

Work from anywhere:

Tailor made software to manage chit fund any time any place and anywhere .All you need is a web browser and an internet connection. It’s that simple!

chitfund software overview

Website Integration & Online Access to Members/Subscribers:

Online access to members or subscribers, Integration of software with your existing website.

chitfund software overview

SMS Alerts and Intimation:

Send Alerts on Intimation/Auction Details through SMS/email. Updates on any new chit or any chit related information greetings on birthday, anniversary etc SMS notifications will improve end user relationship and enhance trust toward organization.

chitfund software overview

Multiple Branches:

Multiple branches at your finger tips.

chitfund software overview

Transparency & Client Satisfaction:

By giving subscribers all the freedom to track their chit and transaction and through constant notification through SMS leads to transparency and customer is ensured of clean and clear business which at the end of the day increases business and reputation of the organization.

chitfund software overview

Cost Effective:

Our Software Offers a Cost-Effective, Feature-Rich Solution for chit management.

chitfund software overview

Member/Group Management:

Member management was never so easy. So is chit group management, with one time registration of subscribers and with SMS notifications they can be managed without any hassle.

chitfund software overview

Prize & Intimation Management:

Prized entries are managed automatically just key in basic values and our software will do rest of the activity for you which for instance will calculate dividend amount etc.

chitfund software overview

Subscription Cheque Management:

Subscription Payment is simple and secure. Acknowledgement for each transaction will be sent to clients. Timely remainder about their payment and any due will be automatically sent by software.

Websoftex Chit fund Software Feature Highlight

All features are incorporated as per Chit Fund Act 1982.

Easy procedure for chit registration and administration.

Designing any type of chits like weekly, monthly etc.

Keeps details of chit registration and commencement date of chits.

Calculation and payment of TDS and service tax.

Provision to enter/alter the opening balance of each schedule after auditing works.

Provision for advance receipt of future installments and its automatic accounting.

Online SMS on receipt of installment, daily collection and auction entry.

Multiple entries of installment receipts and printing.

Automatic calculation of auction discount.

Separate installment amount calculation for prized & non-prized subscribers

Separate installment amount calculation for normal & delayed payments

Automatic late-fee payment calculation (Penalty).

Suspense account maintenance and its adjustment in to installment.

Collection of documents and entry on document release.

Provision for daily Collection and Subscriber wise (Pigmy).

Subscriber grouping and transfer installment amount among group wise.

Multiple daily collection transfer to installment receipt to ease the data entry works.

Provision for daily collection payment in case of excess amount.

SMS facility on confirmation of daily collection receipts.

Easy entry of auction /prize and automatic calculation of next installment.

Subscriber history during auction/prize entry.

Various charges against ticket like documentation charges, admission fees, penalty & Verification Charges etc.

Provision for chit payment (partial or full) before the due date to the prized/auctioned subscriber.

Automatic accounting of chit payment on auction/prize entry.

Guarantors and documents details for chit payment.

Provision for Cheque Reconciliation.

Provision for keeping chit payment arrears.

Provision for day closing.

Day's business summary and automatic SMS and Email to operation head of the company.

Summary of cash and bank balances.

Provision for day open.

Listing of cancelled daily collection receipts.

Easy cash, Cheque and transfer payment collection.

Reports include Daily collection, Subscriber Ledger, Defaulters list, liability statement, document list and commission list etc.

Software can be used for multiple branches. It will give common interface for all branches. All centralize reports for all branches.

Members can get their outstanding, last date for subscription payment, ledger report and auction details through online access.

Mobile application for both subscriber (Member) and chit collector.

Websoftex Chit fund Software along with ERP and CRM

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) when used together provide an cost-effective solution for better operatability of a business. websoftex software solutions using ERP and CRM provide quality softwares,which reduces time sent on business maintance and lets user to concentrate more on their marketing their by increasing their productivity.

Enterprise Resource Planning: -

A complete ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution to manage chit fund business.

  • Employee/Staff
  • Agent
  • Introducer Record
  • Employee Staff Communication
  • Send SMS /Email alerts to employee/staff
  • Send messages/Email to Branch User or admin
  • Staff Access Control management

websoftex has uniquely integrated ERP and CRM chacrecteristics which lead to better approach towards software develoment and their making software more reliable ,secure and easy to use the software,all these finally lead to increse in potenial sales and improves business which is why our software is highly demanded in many business areas.                                                                                                                                                        

Customer relationship management (CRM):-

You can also give limited online access to your customer this is optional part/module.

  • Online registration
  • Online access to Member/subscriber
  • Online payment Section
  • Send Intimation to Subscribers
  • Send SMS/Email to Subscriber
  • Subscriber/Client Portal
  • Send Greeting SMS (Birthday, Wedding anniversary wishes)

Admin & Branch Panel Detail:VIEW SCREENSHOT

Manage Master

  • Add Branch
  • Add Employee
  • Add Bank
  • Update Password
  • Enroll Subscriber
  • Add Surety
  • Upload Documents

Manage Agent

  • Add Agent
  • Assign Agent
  • Agent-Payment period
  • Agent-Create payout
  • Agent-withdraw
  • Agent-Report (Collection Report, Voucher, Payment Report, Commission Report)

Chit Group

  • Add Chit Scheme
  • Add Chit Group
  • Open Bidding
  • Fixed Bidding
  • Double Bidding
  • Add Subscriber to Chit
  • Replace Group Customer
  • Refund Payment Register (For Replace Customer)
  • Subscriber Payment
  • Generate Payment Receipt (Temporary Receipt)
  • Confirm Subscriber Payment (Confirm/Reject)
  • Delete Subscriber Payment
  • Duplicate Print Receipt
  • Assign Cheque
  • Reconciliation Cheques

Print and Reports

  • Subscriber Ledger
  • Subscriber Cash List
  • Subscriber Receipt List
  • Subscriber Payment List
  • Print Notice/Letter (Welcome Letter, Intimation Letter,Demand Promissory, Receipt & Auction Receipt)
  • Agent Business Reports
  • Consolidation Reports
  • Collection Reports
  • Total Chit collection Report (Running Balance)
  • Assign Cheque
  • Group Wise List
  • Outstanding Reports
  • Prized Payment List
  • Auction Details
  • Dividend Reports
  • Cash in hand
  • Cheque Report
  • Cash Report
  • Pending Installment
  • Pending Installment List
  • Total Collection by User
  • Receipt List Summary
  • Consolidation Report
  • Foremen Commission
  • Prized Payment List
  • Receipt Report
  • Consolidation Report
  • Foremen Commission
  • Prized Payment List
  • Receipt Report


  • Auction Intimation
  • Generate Auction
  • Prized Subscriber Payment
  • Defaulter List


  • Create Group
  • Create Ledger
  • Subscriber Ledger
  • Receipt
  • Payment
  • Day Book
  • Trail balance
  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit & Loss
  • Profit & Loss A/C
  • Receipt and Payment A/c
  • Subscriber Ledger Report
  • Receipt Entry Details


  • User Logon Details
  • Admin User Rights
  • Branch User Rights
  • Staff Active/Deactivate
  • Auto Time Login


  • Company Profile (Company details Updating)
  • Upload Company Logo
  • Mobile Application Download


  • Fixed Pigmy
  • Non Fixed Pigmy Payment
  • Fixed Pigmy Collection Report
  • Non Fixed Pigmy Collection Report

Customer Login

  • Profile
  • Online Bid (Bid Tender)
  • Installment Details
  • Auction Details
  • Subscriber Ledger (Payment Details)
  • Login Time Table
  • Compose mail (To Admin only)

Mobile application(Android)

  • Collector Application (Chit & Pigmy)
  • Member Application


  • Reports
  • Pigmy collection reports
  • Pigmy Ledger reports


  • Reports
  • Non Pigmy collection reports
  • Non Pigmy Ledger reports

Member Panel Detail:


  • my profile
  • membership cancellation
  • cancellation request
  • view cancellation request







chit collector Detail:

Chit collectors are responsible for locating businesses and customers with back-due accounts and notifying them. Chit collector’s daily activities include collection records.

Chit collectors typically work for chitfund companies and has to collect money daily, weekly or monthly.

Websoftex software solution has developed an Android App especially for chit fund ,and one among that is for chit collector.

Websoftex software solution have designed the most easy and user friendly simple to use android app for chit collectors.

Main features of websoftex software solution mobile application.

  • Each collector has his own user name and password.
  • Chit collector cannot misuse the app as it highly secured.
  • Only features which chit collector needs has been provided.
  • Any person who can operate mobile can use this application.
  • Each transaction done by chit collector is reflected in main software
  • Payment received by chit collector needs to be approved by admin for further process.
  • Receipts will be generated for each payment which can be given to subscribers.
  • Previous payments receipts can be give to subscriber by chit collectors.
  • Transactions i.e. payment received by chit collector cannot be either deleted or erased in any manner by chit collector.


Websoftex software solution has developed Android application especially for chitfund.

The Android App is developed exactly as chit fund operates which is fast and secure.

Prerequisites for using mobile app is internet connection or Wi-Fi.

Anyone who can operate Smartphone can use this application.

Main access to app lies with admin and he has to confirm any transaction made through this app which reduces any misuse.

All the data will be stored in database and hence data is secure from any threat.

Mobile app will be frequently updated for better performance.

Payment Receipts can be printed through app.

Separate app for subscriber(member) and chit collector.

Following are member module mobile app features

Each member (subscriber) will have username and password.

To mention few features in detail.


Subscriber can view these features through our application.

Subscriber’s profile i.e their basic details can be viewed.

By giving subscribers the option of viewing their own payment details, is a good example of transparency.

Subscriber cannot perform any payment related activity avoiding malpractices.

Only reports of their transaction can be viewed by the subscriber.

All the auction related information(auction winner name, prized subscriber amount, next remaining amount etc.) can be accessed.

Subscribers installment details and their previous, present,next installment amount can be viewed.

Group wise installment amount can be viewed.

All the payment which subscriber has made can be traced.

Each payment receipt can be taken be printed.

Ledger which has all the information related to subscriber transaction can be viewed.


  • Payments through app.
  • Generate Receipts.
  • SMS to customers about their payment.
  • Transaction reports.
  • Account traceability.
  • Overall collection reports.
  • Pigmy collection and chit collection.
  • Fixed and Non Fixed pigmy payment.
  • Total pigmy collection report.


1) Simplicity for the user:

Convenient user interface, functionality is simpler. All the features can be accessed in the simplest way possible. Clients can perform every action with ease.

2) Android:

This app is specifically designed for android Smartphone’s with latest technology.

3) Good performance:

Speed of loading is one of the main highlight of this app and this app can handle large amount of data, low chance of crashing, smooth working experience overall.

4) Security:

No leaks of the users information or any data loss or data corruption will occur as data are stored in centralized database and data backup will taken frequently.

5) Online work:

All the action performed is through internet hence their cannot be any misuse or any error.

6) Support and updates:

Support and updates are daily activity in websoftex software solution. We Maintain the server. Ensure that our app is up without any glitches, our application will be updated constantly with fixes and new features.

7) Feedback and contact:

We are open to everyone and we engage clients in mutual communication for constant improvement of our app.

8) Personalization:

Our app has been designed according to user preferences Personalization, Flexible settings, fonts, colors and sizes are another highlights.

9) Search:

An intuitive system of search and filters of payment or transaction has been implemented. Which makes every page and every transaction easy to find.

Pigmy Collector

Similar to chit collector main responsibility of pigmy collector is collection of payment from customers , websoftex chitfund app has separate module for pigmy collection.

In our application all the minute details which are related to pigmy collection has been integrated for pigmy collector convenience.

Pigmy include

Fixed payment: - At specific interval of time fixed amount is paid by customers to pigmy collector, time interval may be either DAY, WEEKLY, MONTHLY.

Non fixed payment: - Here payment and time interval is not fixed.

Pigmy collection in websoftex mobile app includes following features.



Pigmy collector has his own user name and password.

Both type of pigmy collection can be received.

Fixed pigmy collection report.

Non fixed pigmy collection report.

Each transaction report.

Subscriber payment history.

Receipt will be generated for each payment done by customer.

Non fixed payment receipt will be generated for each payment.

All the payment received by pigmy collector should be confirmed by admin.

No chance of any modification or changes can be made by pigmy collector.

Option to view all the pigmy collection done.

Option to view all pigmy receipts generated.

Details of subscribers pigmy account can be viewed by pigmy collector.

screenshot demo:

Video demo:

Standard Support: M-F 10:00AM – 6:00PM In the customer’s time zone.
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