Chit fund mobile application

Websoftex software solution has developed Android application especially for chitfund.

The Android App is developed exactly as chit fund operates which is fast and secure.

Prerequisites for using mobile app is internet connection or Wi-Fi.

Anyone who can operate Smartphone can use this application.

Main access to app lies with admin and he has to confirm any transaction made through this app which reduces any misuse.

All the data will be stored in database and hence data is secure from any threat.

Mobile app will be frequently updated for better performance.

Payment Receipts can be printed through app.

Separate app for subscriber(member) and chit collector.

Following are member module mobile app features

Each member (subscriber) will have username and password.

To mention few features in detail.


Subscriber can view these features through our application.

Subscriber’s profile i.e their basic details can be viewed.

By giving subscribers the option of viewing their own payment details, is a good example of transparency.

Subscriber cannot perform any payment related activity avoiding malpractices.

Only reports of their transaction can be viewed by the subscriber.

All the auction related information(auction winner name, prized subscriber amount, next remaining amount etc.) can be accessed.

Subscribers installment details and their previous, present,next installment amount can be viewed.

Group wise installment amount can be viewed.

All the payment which subscriber has made can be traced.

Each payment receipt can be taken be printed.

Ledger which has all the information related to subscriber transaction can be viewed.


  • Payments through app.
  • Generate Receipts.
  • SMS to customers about their payment.
  • Transaction reports.
  • Account traceability.
  • Overall collection reports.
  • Pigmy collection and chit collection.
  • Fixed and Non Fixed pigmy payment.
  • Total pigmy collection report.


1) Simplicity for the user:

Convenient user interface, functionality is simpler. All the features can be accessed in the simplest way possible. Clients can perform every action with ease.

2) Android:

This app is specifically designed for android Smartphone’s with latest technology.

3) Good performance:

Speed of loading is one of the main highlight of this app and this app can handle large amount of data, low chance of crashing, smooth working experience overall.

4) Security:

No leaks of the users information or any data loss or data corruption will occur as data are stored in centralized database and data backup will taken frequently.

5) Online work:

All the action performed is through internet hence their cannot be any misuse or any error.

6) Support and updates:

Support and updates are daily activity in websoftex software solution. We Maintain the server. Ensure that our app is up without any glitches, our application will be updated constantly with fixes and new features.

7) Feedback and contact:

We are open to everyone and we engage clients in mutual communication for constant improvement of our app.

8) Personalization:

Our app has been designed according to user preferences Personalization, Flexible settings, fonts, colors and sizes are another highlights.

9) Search:

An intuitive system of search and filters of payment or transaction has been implemented. Which makes every page and every transaction easy to find.