Websoftex Chit fund Software along with ERP and CRM

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) when used together provide an cost-effective solution for better operatability of a business. websoftex software solutions using ERP and CRM provide quality softwares,which reduces time sent on business maintance and lets user to concentrate more on their marketing their by increasing their productivity.

Enterprise Resource Planning: -

A complete ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution to manage chit fund business.

  • Employee/Staff
  • Agent
  • Introducer Record
  • Employee Staff Communication
  • Send SMS /Email alerts to employee/staff
  • Send messages/Email to Branch User or admin
  • Staff Access Control management

websoftex has uniquely integrated ERP and CRM chacrecteristics which lead to better approach towards software develoment and their making software more reliable ,secure and easy to use the software,all these finally lead to increse in potenial sales and improves business which is why our software is highly demanded in many business areas.                                                                                                                                                        

Customer relationship management (CRM):-

You can also give limited online access to your customer this is optional part/module.

  • Online registration
  • Online access to Member/subscriber
  • Online payment Section
  • Send Intimation to Subscribers
  • Send SMS/Email to Subscriber
  • Subscriber/Client Portal
  • Send Greeting SMS (Birthday, Wedding anniversary wishes)