Generation Plan Administration Panel

Admin registration ( Multiple Top ID creation)

Client View Registration ( All customer login report with Excel)

Level members report( referral members).

Change upline (Sponsor Change option)

Settings (Member View profile, Edit Profile, Change password)

Search ( User id , User name , Mobile No , Package, Date wise).

Franchise management ( Add franchise , view franchise)

E-Pin Management (Generate Pins , Assign Pins, Active Pins, De-active Pins).

E-pin reports ( Used Pins , Unused Pins, Assigned Pins , Deactivate Pins Report).

Reports (Level income, Growth income, Royalty income etc..)

Payout (daily/weekly/monthly as per your plan)

View Payout (closing wise statement, view details, Voucher, Paid status) .

Payout In Excel for NEFT or Bank transfer

SMS Integration on payout

Id wise payout Status (Payment status of Member Id ).

TDS Report(TDS deduction of member)

Total income Report .

E-Wallet Status (purchase E- Pin from member's balance, Withdraw, Top up )

Repurchase Management ( Create category, Create Product)

Gallery management ( Create Album , Add photo, Edit/view photo, delete Photo)

News management ( Add news, Add Scroll news, view/edit news)